DoIn the mainstream rock press, and to a lesser extent the mainstream music press in general, there has been a fair amount of chat regarding comments made by Kiss’s own Gene Simmons, and his opinion of rock being dead, and the internet being the murderer. Naturally enough, I’ve tried to stay neutral in this matter, and keep my feelings for the liver tongued cash whore twat to myself. However, whilst some folks may indeed use the internet to steal music and deprive hard working artists of their revenue, others, and by that I hope I mean the sort of discerning person who would read Ave Noctum, use it to discover acts that back in the day would remain unknown to them.

A fine case in point is Finnish Doom power trio Do, who have recently released a crushing new EP ‘Den’, equipped with four slogging juggernaut tracks of metal. Opening with an acoustic guitar that with simple strummed chords somehow encapsulates almost more pain than the demonic scream it precedes, ‘For The Worms’ launches into a dirge as dark as a Finnish winter, and almost as long, staggering looping riffs and beats reminiscent of the work of Yob’s own Mike Scheidt, which is no small praise. Follow up track ‘Frostbites’, has the guitar work add a more psychedelic stoner vibe to the track, albeit it is not in any way a light and happy trip into their world, rather a nightmare inspired by bad acid and bitterness. The last two track of the EP, ‘Hex’ and ‘The Moon Follows Us’ are no less dark or atmospheric, but with self knowing lyrics that seem to suggest an underlying dark humour; I mean, the band have named themselves “Deaf Hank”, “Big Dog” and “Peat Rex”, that’s hardly kvlter than kvlt is it?

Help prove some ill informed and very public opinion formers that they are wrong by visiting the online shop of this self funding band and treating yourself to some quality gloom, something you could not have done before this age of information technology. Once again, I reminded of the words of Monty Python; “Finland, Finland, Finland, a country where I’d quite like to be!”

(8/10 Spenny)