Bitch Queens are a bunch of sleazy fuckers from Basel. This is the first shocker for me as they play the kind of grease and spunk soaked rock n roll that usually ejaculates outta Scandinavia.  So far so Turbo Negro.

There is nothing new about the sound but so fucking what as Animal once screamed.

The twelve tracks on offer here are pedal to the metal schlock punk. The equivalent to waking up in a dumpster outside a club covered in fag ash and lovebites.

“Gimme a Kiss” is one of those infectious choons that keeps going round your head long after it has ended. A wiff of 70’s glam and Joan Jett is added to the punk and roll. I can only imagine that it must be pretty incendiary live. They hit the Black Heart this week 19/2 so if this goes out in time go check em. Tell me I’m right.

“Kill Your Friends “the title track and “Again, Again and Again” bear some comparison with the Turbo boys but if I had to find a closer comparison it would be Happy Revolvers who burned bright and briefly at the turn of the millennium and released a stormer on (I used to Fuck) People Like You Records.  Just like the Revolvers Bitch Queens bring some dirty LA blues licks in to the mix as heard in “That Girl” (who has a can of mace by the way).

When the Queens slow things a down a little as on “Waste Me” and “Get out of my Way”  it all goes a little  Hives/ Hellacopters – no bad thing but it loses a little of the raunch and punch. Still rocks though!

“Lick it (Like you like it)” – just what the world needs another cliche rock song about blow jobs. Guys – Kiss and the Dead Kennedy’s wrote the best ones and Steel Panther does the parody, no need to add to the list. “Stroke the shaft don’t use your hands” leaves a bad taste – pardon the pun.

“Joan is a Creep” brings back the punk n a Rancid /Ramones hybrid which gets me back into the fold after the sloppy blowy that preceded it. “Bullseye Baby” continues the vibe. These Swiss boys know how to write a hook and drape a chorus over the top of it. Then they are in and out and don’t want to spoon. Short, sharp shenanigans.

“Tick, Tick, Tick” rounds up this collection. Proper dumb (in the nicest way) greasy rock n roll to end this opus. These Bitch Queens deserve to blow up. In a good way.

(7.5/10 Matt Mason)