NervochaosThe cover art to this Brazilian bands sixth album epitomises the aural butchery contained within a dozen songs of rabid death metal. Shamefully the band has failed to hit my radar except for the previous album. Brazil has always produced some of the most violent extreme metal bands around and Nervochaos is no different as their malicious barbarity kicks off with “The Harvest” where the tune bludgeons the listener with no cause for compassion. The drums beat a path of pulverising thunder and I really mean that, not complex they just bombard each tune with as much subtlety as smashing a brick into someone’s face. I’m not keen on the snare sound though as it’s a little sterile and mechanical and comes across like a Krisiun battery but without the organic feel.

Structurally each tune fervently sets out to monstrously maul anyone brave enough to endure an encounter with the band’s music. I’m a brave soul I know as the album thrusts into “For Passion Not Fashion” and a more thrash guise is revealed here, taking the band back into the realms of old school savagery of yester decade or so ago. The grizzled deathliness of “Betrayed” is ferocious, bit like Jungle Rot in places but with Cannibal Corpse like inflections spattering the bands gore soaked carnage. Releases like this show exactly how to make a brutal album without resorting to 300bpm speed for the sake of it. Case in point is “From Below And Not Above” a potent stench ridden doom death tune, the song is staunchly heavy, punishing the listener with beastly bass influxes right before a brilliant switch in pace that is catchy as hell.

“Bloody Ritual” again has one of those riffs that engraves itself into your mind like a razor blade etching your skin, as yet again the bands talent to destroy with bone shattering riffing and bass sledge hammering is maniacal. I really liked the opening riff to “Rotten Moralismo” a deathrash brute the song marches on unchallenged up until a massive battering riff in the last 30 seconds. In todays climate of aiming to make death metal music complex and saturated with riffs, leads, tempo shifts, Nervochaos are a revolting breath of fetid rancour preferring to assail with cranium crunching songs that in a fight to the death would win against any tech battery you care to name. Neanderthal in attitude Nervochaos’s sole aim is to disembowel you with old school death metal and they do it with ease as you’ll pick up your entrails after the encounter.

(8.5/10 Martin Harris)