archgoatIf one thing is to be certain when you hear of a new Archgoat release, you know you’re in for a sonic battering. Famed for their notorious 1993 release ‘Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration)’, these Finns were adored and reviled in equal measure for their inexorable attack of sadistic, Christ hating black/death sickness before splitting and leaving many in the deep underground weeping.

Having reformed in 2004, they became much more prolific than they were in their early days, seeming to pump out release after release of solid, no-frills aural destruction. ‘The Apocalyptic Triumphator’ is the latest weapon in their caustic armoury, and it does exactly what you’d expect. Getting past the intro track of backwards-tracked vocals and eerie organs, the touchingly titled ‘Nuns, Cunts and Darkness’ batters out of the traps like a greyhound with an arse-full of jalapenos. Primordial clattering drums, monstrously down-tuned guitar work and guttural bellows are the ingredients of this salacious brew, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Teeth shattering, bone breaking, and flesh rending – they don’t call their style of metal ‘Angelslaying Christbeheading Black Fucking Metal’ for nothing you know. You can practically hear angel’s necks being snapped with every double bass drum stomp, let alone those poor unsuspecting Christian’s covering their collective bum holes from the unforgiving penetrating force of Satan’s almighty schlong.

Although their rage/tempo ratio may vary between a Christcrushing trudge on the likes of ‘Grand Luciferian Theophany’ to a crucifix burning blast-a-thon on ‘Congregation of Circumcised’, their message remains clear. The fuzzy production, the claustrophobic attack, it all points toward not being very keen on Jesus – in fact they’re pretty damn furious about his whole schtick. So what’s new? Nothing – they’ve always been this way, and always will be. I’d be amazed if they ever create an album that ever sounds anything different to their blueprint. Is that a bad thing? Well, that depends on whether you give a shit about this filthy, angry style of extreme music. For me, it’s like never getting bored of your favourite meal. However you feel, Archgoat have served up yet another feast – tuck in if you’re hungry!

(7/10 Lars Christiansen)