MorgonNot to be confused with the German blackened death outlet of the same name, French trio Morgon have resurrected their 2012 self-released album ‘Necrokvlt Archeochaosphere’ via Terror From Hell Records and the result is as deadly as it seems.

With a sound as underground as the Paris catacombs Morgon grab influence from, this second full length is as powerful as everything previously released by the band, whilst still embracing the independent recording style of previous demos, creating a rawness likely to appeal to fans of fellow black/death bands of late. After forming in 2006, it appears that Morgon have perfected the blend of black, death and doom styles to create something full of dread and intensity, without ever getting carried away when it comes to speed. Komodo’s vocal range remains deep and gnarly, akin to bands such as Grave Miasma and Dead Congregation and the tempo is slow and sludgy for the most part.

‘Lune Sanglante’ is a prime example this, with simple compositions of unnerving guitar tones and the rumbling growls making you feel as though you are trapped underground with no hope. ‘Paleochaosphere’ adopts a more blackened facade with harrowing blastbeats and a more galloping pace thats equally as crushing as the rest and ‘Rancoeur et Amertume’s deathly vibes are bound to get new attention for the trio.

With a style of death metal that is growing from strength to strength recently, Morgon have every right to be acknowledged alongside the likes of aforementioned acts, thanks to an old school appreciation and truly darkened atmosphere throughout ‘Necrokvlt Archeochaosphere’. Fingers crossed that this re-release will give them the exposure they deserve, as long as they want it that is.

(7/10 Lily Randall)