morbosidad-torturo-cover1As some will be aware, Morbosidad is a cult black metal band which has been in existence since the early ‘90s. Despite this fact, and although I have had numerous opportunities to purchase their stuff from mail orders, this ‘Tortura’ EP represents my first taste of the band’s music. Coincidentally, the release also marks a conscious shift in the band’s approach towards more of a “focused” death metal attack. Fittingly, none other than Chris Reifert appears to provide some extra vocal insanity.

‘Entre la Muerte y Desolacion’ lays the blueprint for Morbosidad’s ferocious black/death – building slowly via ear raping riffs before an eruption of ferocious blasts unleashes hell. On top of swathes of neck breaking riff work come some truly demented vocals. Accompanying Tomas Stench’s quick-fire bark are shrieks and all manner of insane background eructations which must surely be the contribution of Autopsy’s frontman. Next up is ‘En Las Gallas Del Infierno’, which again, explodes into a hellish, inexorable death metal tempest. As before, weird vocal noises accompany the satanic commands while ‘80s styled riffing and some chaotic drum-work provide the musical force.

Okay, so by the time track three ‘Tortura’ appears, the pattern of the EP is as clear as day – some painful opening riffs lead into skull shattering blast-beats and general insanity. However, the formula is so utterly ripping and effective that no such trivial detail matters. And, as evidenced here, the band can occasionally slow down despite spitting fire at every turn. Overall, it’s not unreasonable to draw some comparison between what Morbosidad does throughout this EP and what countless South American bands were unleashing around the millennium in the way of deranged, explosive death.

After four tracks devoid of much real variation it’s easy to see why Morbosidad has such a cult and uncompromising reputation. Based on this EP, there’s little chance of their status diminishing. Admittedly a whole album might be tough to digest but then isn’t that the point of feral, aggressive music of this variety? ‘Tortura’ is an attitude and mind-set as much as it is mere music. If you’re feeling pissed off, this is a great blast of insanity to work that anger out of your system with.

(8/10 Jamie)