Decimation-Reign-Of-Ungodly-CreationSometimes this reviewing lark can be a bit dull, another brutal tech death band I thought. This’ll be a load of impossible to remember blasting / pig squealing tripe I thought. A few listens later though and I realised brutal Turkish death metallers Decimation have really killed it on this, their third full length.

This is pretty amazing blend of early Suffocation & Gorguts with the emphasis on speed and technicality. There are some crushingly heavy interludes though ‘Ghoulish Requiem For A Macabre Daemonarch’ being one. The songs never drag on or overstay their welcome… Decimation get in, blind you, trample you and get out again sharpish. The technical prowess displayed in the riffing of Emre & Erkin is almost Necrophagist-like – frantic and ravenous yet precise, they never makes you think ‘oh fuck off you boring show-boater’.  Drummer, Goremaster, is a bit handy (and footy) too and the drum sound itself is brilliant. Top marks to the band who self-produced this.

Now, what are they singing about….. not sure – old gods taking over the earth I reckon….. there are a lot of lyrics. Track names like ‘Noncelestical Orisons Cataclised In The Passage Of Ninib’ and ‘Aberrant Ablution By Filthy Excrements Of A Grotesque Crassamentum’ are enough to give even Karl Sanders a nosebleed.

Quality sleeve art from Dan Seagrave is another thing that makes this album stand out too.

All in a really good effort and definitely worth checking out if you fancy something a bit more interesting on the death metal front.

(7.5/10 Mark Eve)