TridentHaving formed in 2005, Trident decided to pack it in in 2010. After a 5 year hiatus they have returned with a 3-track EP. The Finnish quartet from Porvoo has made ‘Jezebel’ a thematic EP in which a time is running out for a missing woman to be rescued from a possibly supernatural abductor.

Rather shrill cymbals are drowned by guitars then toms and bass and finally raw vocals once the pace has settled down on “She Walked Through Darkness”. It then picks up again only to drop out completely for near spoken vocals before Wille Lönnström breaks off into a long and winding lead solo.

Tuomas Pekkola’s vocals are rough, as in abrasive rather than unpolished, sounding a bit like Facedown’s Aro as he and Wille chug out a steady rhythm for Jukka Haapala to pound his drums over. The lead on “The Dove And The Fire” has a bit of an eerie squealish quality to it that sets you on edge, so you know something’s not quite right.

I really like the riff on “Time Was Never on Our Side” as it has a bit of an Exodus-like quality to it as it bubbles up & spills over into a frantic frenzy. The guitar lead has only Matias Löfman’s rumbling bass as accompaniment before the song returns to its full splendour.

Short & sweet. Running at under 11 minutes in total it’s a great sampler & it would be great to hear the whole story played out as an album.

(6/10  Marco Gaminara)