ZombieThis Mexican band (now a full going concern rather than a studio/duo project) are no strangers to Ave Noctum, with this their third full length effort, Zombiefication are setting new standards for themselves whilst still being under the banner old school Swedish death metal. This release is certainly more expansive when it comes to sinister sounds, but fear not, the old school rotten approach is not forgotten, it’s simply augmented further.

By this, I get the feeling that the sound is a little darker, especially the vocals, with big reverb effects aplenty, the horde of aggression features heavily marking the return of a more organic sound that was found on early releases by bands like Morbid. These had, and Zombiefication has a torturous sense of pain that needs to be heard. You feel the torment in the vocals, the blood curdling expanse in the guitar sound, the whole package really. This starts more so with ‘Crossing the Rite’ after a couple of straight ahead death metal bruisers. But by the time ‘Infestation’ comes along, this is pure Armageddon, the tone, the feel is powerful, it is both sinister and very fulfilling. This could just be from the recording, it was recorded in Mexico, but was mixed at the Necromorbus studio (also used by Watain amongst many others) and so this could explain some of the sound, although this method was used on previous releases.

Self-professed outcasts by location and their previous studio-only duo incarnation, Zombiefication are set to change this dramatically soon with some tours being marked on the horizon. But for the moment, have a listen to this release, this is not your standard old school death metal by numbers. ‘Procession through Infestation’ has a rather more ominous feeling and delivery through its dark passages of evil and occult ridden subject matters. Their cover artwork depicts Ghede, a character from the voodoo tradition that represents fertility and death. This best describes this release, it’s harrowing, fruitful and shows new life. It’s a great album to listen to if you want authentic death metal sounds.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)