GenitalThe answer to your first question is ‘Created By The Gods’…. Forgive me if I’m wrong, my Polish isn’t what it used to be. This is a re-issue from 2012 & the bands one and only full length LP.

Now, you know when someone says ‘listen to this you’ll love it’ and because they’re your mate you begrudgingly take the cd, put it on the table, stare at it for a few days thinking… ‘fuck me this is gonna sound like another derivative Sevared Records type br00tal slam-core bollocks band’? You do? Good – coz that’s what happened to me when the editor of this fine website sent me the Genital Putrefaction CD.

To be honest, the amazing Dying Fetus & home-grown deathsters Amputated tick all my boxes when it comes to that kinda thing so when I hit play I was already geared up to slag it for being a pile of slam core twattage…. Imagine my shame when this album turned out to be a right fucking scorcher of groovy Stockholm Swedeath sounding death metal!

Exactly – what a muppet I felt!

I thought the minute and a half intro was a fluke – leading me in to be ultimately disappointed but no!! ‘Cierpienie’  (that’s ‘Suffering’ to you) kicks off like the best Dismember song they never wrote! Full of groove dripping riffage and up front drumming. If only the Entombed A.D. album sounded this good.

More of the same with the faster, blast driven ‘Powrócę’ (Suffering – now that’s enough, Google Translate the rest yourself). Gregor Blachura’s vocal may be a little one-dimensonal for some but I think they’re superb – oozing menace and devilment over proceedings like some demented puppet master.

Album closer ‘Deformacja Ducha’ (ok ok ‘Deformation Of The Spirit’) is my fave – kicking off with some total blast drumming before the grooviest riff I’ve heard all year chimes in after 45 secs. Plus it’s got an eerie bit of Phantasm-esque keyboard nastiness in it. Wicked!

Seriously – check this album out. You probably won’t have heard of these Poles before but don’t make the mistake I did – get stuck right in!

If you like old school Swedish death metal this is more than worth the money.

Mark Eve (9/10)