Brimstone-Coven-ArtworkFollowing on from their 2013 signing to Metal Blade, retro/doom rockers Brimstone Coven have continued their foray into vintage 70’s style metal to bring us their self titled third album.

The quartet from West Virginia are keen to make their position clear from the off, the opening track ‘Cosmic Communion’ showcases the best traits of this album with simple but addictive bass lines and heavy Sabbath/Cream influences, interspersed with some excellent riffs that help hold the track together. Subsequent track ‘Behold the Annunaki’ is also a strong contender with a doom bass/guitar combo, catchy but atmospheric vocals and mythological theme. Following on, ‘The Black Door’ provides a trippy journey into the consciousness complete with groovier moments that lighten the overall dirge. Occult inspired tracks such as ‘Lord and Master’ feature slow chanting vocals leading to an expeditious change in pace in the second half. ‘Blood on the Wall’ has a lighter tone to it which really helps liven up the album prior to the lament infused ‘The Grave’ which hails from their Pentagram inspirations and features some catchy bass lines which are so characteristic on this whole record. At over seven minutes long ‘The Folly of Faust’ is the longest track on the album and provides a slow but relentless finale to the new material that is bordering on tedious. Lyrical themes on this album range from deities and the occult to the more psychedelic, leaning towards a subtle style of writing befitting their retro style.

An excellent example of the genre with just enough originality to keep you interested, this takes us on a psychedelic trip through the occult with doom heavy bass, and influences ranging from Black Sabbath to Pentagram via Led Zeppelin. Whilst I have no doubt that devotees of this style will lap it up, there is the occasional track that is overly repetitive and won’t be converting many to the cause. Despite this, (I am never one to turn down a good bargain) I was already half way sold by the hefty run time alone. Ten original tracks plus the inclusion of their debut EP, complete with new mastering and vintage inspired artwork, results in a weighty package. Fans will not be disappointed, the more I listen to this album the more I like it, and personally I hope this is a sign of big things to come.

(7 Lauren Whittaker)