WrongWrong’s previous album “Memories of Sorrow” (2013) presented an interesting angle on black metal so I hoped for more of the same when I picked this one up.

Amid weird and wonderful noises, Wrong embark upon a creepy, crawly journey on “Thru The Grey Path to nowhere”. There’s a fearsome echoing atmosphere to go with a brain-twistingly dark and monotone riff. It ramps up cleverly and ensures that the rasping horror encircles and grabs us by the throat. The riff is reminiscent of Katatonia but the mood is that of black metal. It is very effective.

“His Hatred Breathes” has a strange cosmic ring. The fire is now truly burning. Progress is controlled. It goes no faster than Wrong want, meaning that the horror lingers. A persistent beat and carefully controlled yet colourful guitar line make this explode in front of us. Echoes resound. It’s as if the sky is filled with dirty clouds. The Spanish equivalent of a London smog meets fire. The title track is more temperate yet dredges the bottom of a pitch black barrel. It still has power and fire. It is utterly intense. We are then surprisingly woken up in dreamland. Luscious tones resound. The ambient echoes of “Dragging My Soul Until the Sunset” create a wondrous and eerie atmosphere. It’s not got the ferocity of the others to start with but this changes with a roar and a step change in pace and fury. The track surges forward and exudes darkness and a series of interesting rhythmic patterns which are at the heart of Wrong’s music. Rarely has venom been spat out in such an interesting way. “I Thought I’d Woken” presents a calm and authoritative front. There are the usual tones of cold and suffering. Always fiery and black, this track spreads itself out expansively and majestically. Evil laughter neatly interrupts the horror show. “I Thought I’d Woken” is the stuff of nightmares. It’s musically extravagant, moody, atmospheric and different. It provides a fantastic end.

Wrong create black metal with imagination. They make great use of sound and generate fizzing dark atmospheres. Wrong are a very gifted band and “Pessimistic Outcomes” is an epic album.

(8.5/10 Andrew Doherty)