Cover-EleanoraThis is a 15 minute two track release from Belgian band Eleanora, of whom I know nothing except for the fact that they have existed since 2007 and previously released a split EP with Amenra.

What I heard was a bleak and irregular sort of built-up of a sludgy, post-metal variety. There are elements of hardcore. The vocalist screams his lungs out. There are occasional moments of heightened tension as the music sways between apocalypse and urgency. Unfortunately it sounded under-produced to me, which is the last thing you want if you’re accentuating drama. It could be deliberately repressed but I don’t think so. That was “Mammon”. The second track, “Amenable”, starts and continues with an oppressive riff. The vocalist once again screams painfully through this grey and funereal scene. And so it trudges on. It is in fact unusual in that instead of building up, “Amenable” drops down in intensity. That’s momentarily intriguing but not enough to be the source of inspiration.

There isn’t much to comment on here but my conclusion is that I couldn’t find anything here to spark my interest.

(4/10 Andrew Doherty)