DesecrationI’m no ‘Mystic Meg’ but I foresee 2015 to be a bit of a duff year when it comes to decent UK death metal releases. Why? Well this year alone we’ve seen some absolutely blinding albums from all the good ‘uns. Amputated, Basement Torture Killings, Cancerous Womb, Ancient Ascendant & Dripback and now Desecration have returned with their seventh (if you don’t count the re-recording of Gore & Perversion) album.

Following on from 2008’s ‘Forensix’ which I thought was a fantastic album the Welsh Death Metal Bastards bring the gore with ‘Cemetery Sickness’ which buries the last record in terms of song writing, riffs, production and atmosphere. It really is that good. This is eleven tracks of rapid, old school death metal and if you’re already a Desecration fan this’ll blow your cheesy, moth eaten socks off.

Desecration are fucking amazing live but, certainly to my ears, have never before captured the full brutal force of their live performance in the studio. This time around that’s different as this record has the fattest, most in your face production of any of their albums courtesy of Joe Thompson.

The first song & title track has been doing the rounds for a while now on a split 7” with London nutters BTK, but the way it comes ripping out of the speakers when you hit play takes you by surprise. A wicked buzz-saw riff nearly takes your limbs off and coupled with Ollie’s vicious growl you just know that the boyo’s mean business with this album. Just over three minutes later were blasting into track two and the band’s first video, ‘Coffin Smasher’. A catchy death metal anthem that is gonna go over a treat live.

‘I, Cadaver’ is next. Again brutal & catchy as hell this track features a great performance from drummer Mic. His drums sound a lot more natural and beefed up on this album, no ‘sewing machine’ over triggered / processed drums here. Pure controlled bedlam! The rest of the album follows suit – no duff tracks at all.

Desecration are notorious for OTT song titles and artwork and one look at the record sleeve confirms the band know what’s expected (the look on Ollie’s face on the sleeve just…. disturbs me). Track names like ‘Cut Up & Fed To The Dog’, ‘Cunt Full Of Maggots’ & ‘Cabletie Castrator’ ensure you know what you’re getting and the band have lost none of their penchant for all things sick & ‘orrible.

This is without doubt the best album the lads have put out. Ollie, Andi & Mic play out of their skin and the material is all killer, the ultimate Desecration album…… so far.

Utterly essential!

(9/10 Mark Eve)