OrbitShort and sweet all round here. This EP came telling me nothing more than the fact that this is a black crust band from Italy by “a bunch of guys already involved in other projects.” They have a pretty unfathomable logo so I was glad to find their name written normally elsewhere or I would have been stumped at it appearing on the CD cover above what looks like a pit full of bones. A bit more brain searching unveils that the word orbitoclasto refers to an instrument used to perform lobotomies. The music is suitably a painful listen that hammers away over 5 brief tracks and leaves you feeling as though someone has tried at the least to drill a hole in your head.

With track titles translating to words such as ‘atoms,’ ‘crack’ and ‘worms’ this lot are obviously men of few words, not that you would notice this when listening as singer Pascur rants and raves in a caustic fashion over the punishing music somewhat possessed and like a mental patient, his issues are a bit beyond my ken but I can tell that he’s not particularly happy at all. The music is a neat fluid conglomeration of as suggested blackened punk and crust with some grind to boot and it’s pretty extreme stuff and gives you a bruising work out over the 13 minute playing time.

There’s not a huge amount more to say here other than the fact although nothing mind-blowing it’s a good exercise in DIY musical surgery that delivers pretty much what you would expect. Book yourself in for a cranium bashing at the link below

(6/10 Pete Woods)