HadesA split from two acts from Chile shows what is involved when playing truly vitriolic black metal that involves no pissing about with keyboards or silly arrangements, just a straight forward malevolent annihilation that begins with Hades Archer’s blackened thrash blend that is blisteringly fast and rancid. “The Pyre” gets this nuclear detonation under way and for the duration of the five tracks this is utterly relentless preferring to use a warlike black metal stance like Black Witchery, Nifelheim, Blasphemy and their ilk to intoxicate the listener with putrefying grimness. “Tempest” is absolute havoc and harnesses an 80s feel to the riffing but is a lot damn faster. The speed of the drumming is very like Krisiun, the machine gun battery being truly devastating, no complexity really, just a carpet bombing assault that continues in the last two songs of “Portals” and “The Ascension”. If having your ears drilled out is your way of enjoying yourself then Hades Archer are definitely for you.

Second up on this split are Slaughtbbath who, like Hades Archer, have an extensive discography already as their trio of terrors begin with “The Grand Dialogue” and “Mortal Paradigma” which have been melded together as one continuous tune. The band’s music is more typical of black metal, but is still unleashed with demented ferocity and takes you right back to the late 80s and early 90s when black metal really was a dangerous musical style. The speed and carnage is bloodthirsty but packed with a massive amount of groove much like Urgehal, Watain and of course Marduk do with their song writing. The power of the songs here is colossal as the riff break in “Mortal Paradigma” is plain awesome, cymbal smashing its way to the forefront with pernicious violence. “Black Revelation Of Death” closes the trio with a style not too far off “Pure Holocaust” material from Immortal, with unrivalled savagery and murderous fury saturating the tune from the off. Releases like this offer glimpses into the underground and reveal festering repugnant jewels like these acts in Chile.



(7.5/10 Martin Harris)