PaganizerYes it’s that man again, the one man SweDeath juggernaut Rogga Johansson, perhaps with his most recognisable outfit, the first vinyl release (although fans of the band will know this was given away free in a Swedish magazine in November last year and features 5 tracks, not the six that features here). Another fact you may like is that this is the first recording for a while to see the return of drummer Matte Fiebig, and finally, this is Paganizer’s 20th year of existence!

Do you crave anything different? I thought not, this is still old school death metal, heavily distorted, like a filth hound of hades savaging a religious inclined door step preacher, who did not read the “not welcome” sign on the door and to wrap things up there are still elements of grind to keep all former aspects of the Paganizer sound feeling content. The thing that really stands out of course from the start is the artwork. This is rather stunning and was created by a guy called Daniel Devilish (other works including Entrails etc…) and this is his representation of Purgatory.

The drum sound is improved, it sounds more organic and less clinical than some recent output, although there were different forces involved in the studio this time around. ‘Rot’ batters into existence and maintains its up tempo muscular stance throughout it filthy expression of decayed life. ‘It Came from the Graveyard’ has a more rounded death metal approach, a little more complex in time signatures, but still pulverising. ‘Deranged World’ is a little crusty, a little stink bomb of fury, but ever so fulfilling. Brash little riffs add character to the wall of noise created by the world’s best sounding guitar noise ever! You know the drill by now surely, yeah it’s that sound boys and girls!

Don’t expect miracles, you don’t need them, sit back, relax or basically go berserk, it’s your choice. Paganizer don’t really disappoint, this EP is a little bit more inventive with the arrangements, or rather there is more consistency than some previous offerings, but you won’t wander far from the rotten crooked path when you spin another Paganizer release such as this.

(8/10 Paul Maddison)