DepictThis atmospheric BM duo hail from St Petersburg. A, takes on all instruments whilst K supplies the vocals. Very Men in Black!
Their second release is Immersion on Naturmacht Productions.
Them’s the facts now onto an opinion.

This 4 track album opens with the sounds of the sea. “On the Waterfront” is ushered in with effects more reminiscent of bleak Fjords than Marlon Brandon down the docks. This is funeral doom mixed with Black Metal.
Now I have not slept for 36 hours as I listen to this so I am worried that Immersion will be aural Nytol. The riffs are melodic and gentle creating a saline soundscape throughout the 8 minutes of the opening instrumental track.
Track2 “Descent” segues in maintaining the tempo before K kicks in with his vocals. The vocals are frankly awful sounding like the chickens that Gonzo chases with a horny glint in his eye on The Muppets. Squawk squawk!
There are elements of shoegaze here but the vocals have crushed the atmosphere for me. Half way through K settles into a more guttural, lower pitched style which blends better but just as my interest is piqued the squawking starts again.
Track 3 “La Mariniste” opens with more watery effects before the bilge becomes dirge and the doom returns. The King of New Squawk returns for another round and I am wishing for An Autumn For Crippled Children, who, despite their hipster status play this style of music with more panache.
‘A’ can play and there are definite ideas evident here but it just don’t float my boat baby.
Final track “Anxious Waters” starts with a promising hint of of MDB/Paradise Lost before the vocals kick in again. This track is all over the place with the metronome beat crushing the melody like a walrus on a profiterole.

Fans of dirge ridden funeral BM may dig this.
I’m getting out of the water.

(2/10 Matt Mason)