TruthThe stereotypical view of Australia as a very sunny, laid-back country will surely be dispelled after one listen to `The Saviours Slain’, for this album contains 100% pure rage. This is the fifth studio album from prolific death/thrash/metalcore crew Truth Corroded, and it is so visceral and furious, you could probably use it to strip paint.

The band proceed to smash their album out of the speakers like a testosterone-fuelled bull rampaging through a china shop. I can only assume that a large number of blood vessels were burst in the making of this 12 track opus. The production is modern and pristine, yet extremely heavy – perfect for this kind of music. The sound is incredibly muscular, aggressive and powerful, yet also unusually dark.

Yes, Truth Corroded aren’t just about the rage (although they have plenty to be angry about), there is as dark, atmospheric streak running through their creative output as well, which really does add a whole extra dimension. Musically, it has all the hallmarks of modern thrash/metalcore, yet there is something more macabre just under the surface. Indeed there are plenty of staccato, chugging, frantic riffs, and vicious, single note attacks, as well as frenetic, Testament/Slayer speed, (with some extremely nasty blast beats thrown in for good measure) but Truth Corroded also know when to slow it down and manage to create some great monumental walls of dark, crushingly heavy musical moments.

There are a great balance of influences here, which really work together; the vocals remind me a lot of mid-period Sepultura (somewhere between a grisly death growl and a roar of fury), the riffs are a wonderful blend of modern aggressive thrash, but with some truly dark, death tinged grimness, and some fantastic, flawless musicianship. The guitar solos are superb, definitely taking a leaf out of Arch Enemy’s or Testament’s book.

The song writing is of very high quality, and each song is an individual plummet into the depths of the human experience. I would not exactly describe the music as catchy, but each song displays some unique creativity, something dark, yet blisteringly heavy and punishing. They are not averse to using slow, hypnotic, mesmeric passages in between the thrashing fury and blasting mayhem.

On the whole, this is a very enjoyable album, full of dark, aggressive fury. A good blend of death, thrash and modern metal, which manages to be bone-crunchingly heavy AND dark. Fans of Sepultura, Devildriver and their ilk could do a lot worse than listening to this highly accomplished album.

(7.5/10 Jon Butlin)