LormeEverything about this one looked a little on the strange side but we like it when that happens and we have something to decipher. The artwork hints at some sort of post-apocalyptic future, the band name is frankly odd although we are told it is referencing MD Charles Delorme who invented the plague ‘crow’ mask and when I opened the package nowhere near a stereo I was intrigued about what sort of style this was going to be. Although this is a debut self-released album it is evident that the French band have put a lot of effort into things here and it seems hard work has paid off with them playing shows at home with the likes of Eths and they have recently been on a French tour as headliners too.

As first song ‘Layman’ batters away and bounces in it is clearly defined via synth lines that this is upbeat cyber-goth for want of a better tag. It’s catchy and fast enough to dance to and it has a cold and icy grasp around it that suits the cover art making this the sound of a futuristic techno rave at the end of the world. Singer JY has a good voice and his commanding and austere vocal delivery does niggle at me at first as I feel like I can almost but not quite place it. However by second track ‘Lore’ despite nationality difference I am thinking that the overall picture has taken a turn in a very Rammstein sounding direction and even though we have a French guy singing in English it all sounds very Germanic! There’s a solid stomping demeanour about the songs here and the title track for instance has a real roughshod groove compelling to pump fists and bang heads around the militaristic vocal clamour and trippy keyboard sounds. Its compulsive stuff and the songs are suitably strong to pull you in.

There are others who spring to mind as things go on. ‘Away The Grim Stars’ adds more than a touch of Deathstars to it and with some eclectic squeals and hard tech edge Kovenant too. Not that by ticking boxes anything is detracted here as the band have put their own distinct slant on things and all eleven tracks on the album have something going on in them to make them appeal. 1720 for instance has some beguiling backing female chorals and a sinister French spoken word part and Hindsight goes for the throat with some really forceful metallic guitar licks, sci-fi keys, robotic vocal effects and a real stomp heavy beat. I guess there had to be a ballad and this is in the form of Babylon a real cheese fest and one that reminds a bit of Rammstein, you can imagine the lighters coming out and big pyro effects to this one live and to be fair it is one that grows and has you humming along after a couple of listens.

Pygmalion did the business and introduced me to a band I would probably have never heard of if it had not been sent. Calling Of Lorme definitely deserve some publicity as they are a band who would appeal to many and on the back of this strong debut hopefully will get some. Check out a selection of tunes and videos from the album directly on their website.

(7.5/10 Pete Woods)