ADPMulti-instrumentalist Peter Pahor’s musical vision in very commendable indeed. He wants his project (that’s Another Destiny Project to you and me…) to be free in every sense. Free from boundaries, industry interference, greed, vanity, commerce – totally, and genuinely free. Peter just wants his music out there! I guess this does probably make it easy to review – basically, “Do you want to hear some good free Metal? Go hear it then – website to follow – Job done – Pub!”. But of course, Peter needs to publicise his work and really, that’s all a music reviewer is doing when he taps a few keys randomly in varying states of sobriety and uploads it for the world to observe. So I’m happy to play my part – because ADP really is an interesting, intriguing Metal album that does indeed defy genres as promised.

‘Metodo Paranoico-Critico’ is a concept album based on Salvador Dali’s Paranoiac-Critical Method (Yeah, I know, I know, not that old chestnut again…haha), but apart from a few guest vocalists, the main vocal style (the vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and programming are all handled by Peter Pahor) is an endearing half-sung, half-barked style similar to early Bathory or Celtic Frost, so lyrically it’s a bit of a read-along affair. The production throughout is first rate, all the instruments brought to the fore when needed with a nice crunchy guitar sound and varying keyboard voices. There’s some timely uses of samples too. It actually took me until track five to pinpoint the main musical thread running through the album which is reminiscent of various stages of Atrocity’s career – The Industrial and Melodic Death right through to the Symphonic and Progressive – this is a Metal album with many faces. For example, the aforementioned fifth track is like a cross between Atrocity, early Paradise Lost and Moonspell, yet the following track ‘Fate’s Flight’ is in a form of Progressive Metal that Dan Swano might cultivate, full of samples, catchy riffs and quirky keyboards. But then the next song ‘So Close To Heaven’ (feat. guest vocals from Ana Axe) is a Symphonic Dramatic-Yet-Ambient-Slightly-Gothic piece that has me thinking of Angelzoom and Dargaard with vocals akin to The Gathering.

This release has such a full, yet sympathetic sound that highlights each song’s best qualities – never better than on the two instrumentals that (obviously) make you concentrate on the musicianship. There’s a bit of Ayreon here and there, Beyond Twilight too within the intricate arrangements and unexpected time signatures. One is very guitar riff-based with a slight groove, and the other showcases more keyboards – both attention-grabbing and enjoyable. A mention also has to go to the final track ‘Others’, that despite being sung in Spanish has a sound of early Tristania or Alas.

Yet the best news has to be that we can all go and hear this for free at”. So go on, take a few minutes to enjoy Peter’s music, I know I’ve paid out plenty of hard-earned in the past for stuff a lot worse than this! Keep up the good work Peter, I look forward to hearing more!

7/10 – Andy Barker