AlmosNot to be confused with various other ‘almost humans’ this lot are the Swiss version who simply class themselves as a metal band. Obviously there is a bit more to it than that as this nicely packaged card EP designed in silver and black has proven. It is a bit tricky getting beneath the group’s sound but once I put my finger on it a bit, it took me back a little to the ‘nu’ side of metal here. Don’t instantly dismiss it on that front though as there are plenty of elements within this 25 minute listening experience to unravel.

‘Living Wreck’ starts things off and has a central electronic harmony running through that due to a very quirky and persistent keyboard refrain makes it hellishly catchy. It reminds a bit of the likes of Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails but is obliterated with growly vocals and full on chugging guitars. Some clean vocal croons are added and the whole tumult is pretty damn impressive although it has me thinking of some long ago forgotten bands such as Kill II This and The Pulkas as well as dare I say a little bit of stuff like Coal Chamber through to Pist On and early Deftones. Hey I liked all these bands so nothing terrible about that at all, I just kind of had moved on from them and not dusted their stuff off for a spin in ages and this took me right back. The fact that it has a suitably powerful punch to the production makes me think that this lot could have been really up there strutting their stuff if they were doing this back in the day. Still, even now it’s a good enjoyable listen and as things move on to ‘Obey Consume Or Disappear’ it’s obvious that they are going to stick around for a while. Vocals here expand on those clean harmonies perhaps sounding a bit on the Stone Temple Pilot, Soundgarden side of things, moody and croon laden with an almost psychedelic weave behind the accompanying guitars. There’s lots of depth and emotion and the heavy backbone is not compromised as anger rises and yells build.  The progressive meandering parts here would fit in with the sound of bands like Tool and it is obvious that lots of boxes are being ticked here although the band are doing it all in their own unique way.

‘Normosis’ goes on to belt things out in a violent pit monster sort of way that would be great to burn energy off to as it rages away live. The electronic parts work well amidst the jagged rifferama and again I find band names on the tip of my tongue as it ploughs away.  ‘Each Of Us’ finishes it off we some soulful lyrics that are reminiscent of the likes of System Of A Down at their mellowest before bringing in hypnotic melody and a slow-burning but equally memorable and catchy harmony that is impossible to resist. I really enjoyed this and think Almost Human would be perfect as a home grown support band to any of the aforementioned bands playing in Switzerland. With a sound like this it would have no trouble translating at even the bigger arenas and if they move on to a full length album I would certainly be keen to hear it

(7/10 Pete Woods)