DobermannNew proposition here with their third album is Swedish hardcore meatheads Dobermann Cult, whose chest pounding macho hardcore sits very firmly in the USHC scene from many years ago and up to the present day. The sample that starts is appropriate before the tune of “How I Wanna Live” kicks you square in the jaw with its rampant hardcore groove and mosh. Sick Of It All is a huge reference point for this band, as even the vocals sound like Lou Koller. “Stand Up For This” is prime US hardcore New York style with the aforementioned SOIA and also Agnostic Front popping up like a nutter bouncing around in the pit, trying to sing into the microphone at the gig.

“Contact Sport” has a corking riff, and added to it are sporadic blasts which work well, not too long or overdone as parts of this reminded me of Madball. As with all these types of bands the bass work is essential as it pulses throughout every song, creating that tide of power and catchiness as on the lead in bass line on “No Tolerance For Intolerance”. The riff and cymbal smash is awesome and to quote SOIA it’s clobbering time. Many people regard Hatebreed as what hardcore is about but they’re wrong, this is what it’s about, crazy riffs, angst ridden ferocity and anthemic choruses. There are no breakdowns here just purist intelligent violence as on “From Cradle To Grave” with its top quality riff. “Buck Up” is super fast and over in a blink before shifting into “Piss And Vinegar” which is slower but powerfully textured with groove and bounce. This band sits somewhere between the likes of SOIA and Agnostic Front obviously but also the more extreme violent hardcore of say someone like Coke Bust, Sick Fix or Vitamin X. A short review but I’m certain you’ve got the idea by now as I really enjoyed this album, a real let your hair down and go with the flow of aggression.

(8/10 Martin Harris)