SolacideForming as Dim Moonlight back in 1996 and being active with that name until 2004 I guess these Finns decided nobody had seen the light (sorry) and changed their name to Solacide. Chances are you have missed both acts as release wise neither have yet got past the demo and EP stage. Indeed ‘Waves Of Hate’ originally came out in a limited edition demo format of 50 (hands up who has one) in 2006 but the band was not satisfied with the way it sounded and have now re-arranged and re-recorded to professional standards. It must be said it sounds pretty damn classy too.

There is a very Finnish feel about this and looking at the cast list I see many of the band members are involved in other groups. None of which I particularly know apart from Amberian Dawn who guitarist, backing vocalist and keyboard player Kimmo Korhonen resides in. However a member also plays in the interesting sounding pornogrind band Inferia who have songs about nailing balls to kitchen tables. It kind of shows two rather differing sides to the players and unless you had heard them no doubt make you wonder what the hell Solacide sound like.

Well I guess black metal would be your starting point but in a very melodic and progressive and I have to use that word ‘classy’ again, way.  The title track quickly flourishes with some neat melodic guitar twists and turns and the barking vocals of singer Gökhan Korkmaz. Things are technical and nicely drawn out over time giving everything ample time to breathe and bloom. I have to say that some of the arrangements here reminded a fair bit of latter day Emperor and they are played with the skill that allows me to make that comparison which is pretty solid praise. There is technical skill here and the twin guitarists can certainly play things up and it is them that my attention keeps being drawn back to as they joust away with dextrous flair. The 8 minute ‘Your Worst Enemy’ is no short hate anthem but draws out the anger neatly with venomous barking vocals and the ever twisting and turning guitar signatures, making you want to both bang your head and attempt to play along. The spirit of Enslaved comes into play as the cold and frosty venom picks up and rattles away with heavy melodic emphasis, which by the time the track is done will be solidly embedded in your head. Finishing off these three numbers we have ‘After The Fall’ equally as involving from its acoustic intro to rough and aggressive fervour and melodic precision. Adding new dimensions with some Amorphis / Opeth like clean vocal parts there’s a fair bit going on here and these do lighten the mood and bring a certain warmth to things even though we all know that after the fall comes deep, dark dreaded winter.

What actually follows these numbers though are a couple of additional live numbers. The band probably wanted to add a bit more for those picking this up and to showcase their talents live, to me though these numbers were not essential. They do show an even more feral side of the band but the recording of them in this environment is never going to glisten and sparkle like the studio numbers and for me it is these that really showcase what Solacide are capable of.

Apparently they are hard at work on the recording of their debut album scheduled for 2014. On the strength of this bring it on, I expect it to be pretty damn impressive.

(7/10 Pete Woods)