InbreedInbreeding Rednecks sound as though they ought to come from Arkansas, but in fact they’re a group of experienced musicians from Denmark with a passion for old school death metal. This, then, is what we get in copious quantities. Grim as it is, it is evident from the movement, breaks and well-rounded structures that there’s plenty of attention to detail.

The scene having been set with a proper track and mercifully no silly intro, a quick sample takes us into a second shadowy and battering onslaught. Nastiness comes out of every orifice. A sinister riff rings through this dark and heavy slab of death. From “Eyes of Deception”, it gets sludgier, while recalling an industrial process. The meandering riff is still there. Chug-a-chug. ”The Grand Misconception” is like freight train. It has impact but I can’t pretend it’s exciting. In fact “Wilted Flowers” has all the charm of a Suffocation dirge. The progression is grey and turgid. It’s like being wilfully hammered into the ground.

The murder and bloodshed continue with “Division Wreckage”. Chunky as it is, this never rises above the normal level of punishment you’d associate with having a hole drilled in your head. There’s plenty going on in the drumming department, and the guitar work matches the grey theme but this is hard and harsh going. After more persistent battery, we arrive at “The Law of Man Betrayed”, the final track. The riff twirls round and round, while the vocalist growls on. There’s a hint of colour but it all ends with the customary dose of suffering and punishment, and a sample of uncontrollable sobbing. I’m not surprised after this merciless onslaught.

Without doubt, “Abnormal Life Portrayed” showcases the uncompromising brutality that death metal should bring. I can’t say I felt inspired by this album but I did feel well and truly bludgeoned. Inbreeding Rednecks had a musical plan and executed it efficiently.

(6.5/10 Andrew Doherty)