DehumanThis is a progressive melodic death metal band from Peru, ‘The Incomplete Man’ is a self-funded effort and the fruits of this bands labour are endless based on the quality of the material on offer. I say quality, as it makes a change…my limitations with the music out of South America is normally based on raw bestial sounds so this makes a huge change to hear a band that put some thought and effort into producing magical song arrangements.

‘One With the Universe’ begins the release and if you like anything by Opeth pre-Blackwater Park then you will get this undercurrent of peacefulness amongst the death metal intricacies. On the flip side, ‘Against the Wall’ is a total progressive death metal piece with very strong production and a result that sounds rather epic. The lyrical inspiration for this album is all about the origin of man, nature and general evolution which is something altogether more interesting and thought provoking. ‘Judgement of the Devas’ includes some epic keyboards and gives early Amorphis a run for their money. The tranquil undertones continue with ‘Omitted Equilibrium’ that develops with some really soulful clean female vocals, often akin to folk singers of the early 1970’s before it’s a return to a death metal battering. It’s funny as I genuinely detest clean female vocals and anything remotely like Nightwish or something like that, but with progressive death metal…this works for me, perhaps it’s because they are in short supply for sections of much deeper meaning tracks; well that’s my story anyway.

The closing and title track ‘The Incomplete Man’ is much more brutal with plenty of weird augmented chords structures that do justice by adding a sense of creativity to the usual standard notation. For this track you may compare this more directly to some of Cynic’s material and with that I sit back and press repeat once again whilst reading the bands message in the CD cover “do not copy or duplicate this music, respect the musicians work and effort”, of course you would have to buy the CD to read this of course!

‘The Incomplete Man’ is a fully round progressive death metal effort that breathes some epic music here and there and never lets it game be comprised. The dual between clean and dirty progressive inspired music adds a massive amount of humility to the listening experience whilst the backbone of their influences is never too far away to ensure that this could be a regular feature to your playlist.

(8.5/10 Paul Maddison)