hibria-silent-revengeThis band formed in 1996 in Brazil and to date I find this one of the best exports in the power metal field from that country in rather a long time. To say this album is infectious is an understatement. Vocalist Iuri Sanson has an amazing range and the power metal style is very strong, Hibria are taking no prisoners or giving any symphonic weakness on ‘Silent Revenge’.

‘Lonely Fight’ has some great guitar work via some damn fine melodies and furthermore little variations of influence like that on the song ‘Deadly Vengeance’ has some latter day Annihilator similarities in the main verse, something that releases like this need like this, a bit of variation. No one can justifiably deny that these gents have a keen ear and their arrangements really work, they consistently build an atmosphere, they allow the listener to really feel part of the lyric, the feel, the moment, positive traits of accomplished songwriters. The thing I also like about this recorded sound is that each musician is given an opportunity to shine in the mix from the bass runs on ‘Walking to Death’ to the drumming escapades pleasantly thundering through a track like ‘Silence Will Make You Suffer’ that has various degrees of light and shade with a great vocal harmony to match, all accolades worthy of worldwide recognition.

This is a band a couple of people I know have been name checking and since spinning this I can hear why. Hibria and their ‘Silent Revenge’ is a storming power metal monster filled with melody, precise arrangements, uplifting choruses and a fretboard bleeding amount of riffs and guitar leads. In this field this is the most essential purchase I would recommend in rather a long time, buy it…it’s great, its power metal with balls!

(8.5/10 Paul Maddison)