dehuman_reign_destructive_intentGerman death metal always holds a special place for me just like German speed metal, it’s pretty unique in its tone and delivery as this. Having formed in 2011 FDA must have thought this band has something others do not in death metal and I have to say I can see why they bagged them as this EP showcases a burgeoning brutal talent not often seen with a debut release. After the obligatory intro the band blasts into life on “Extinction Machine” a borderline Swedeath style riff before undertaking a Floridian like groove that will have you remembering the 90s death metal scene. Peppering this release are some subtle but interesting interludes that add texture and depth to this mini CD. After one such interlude the riff that savages you on “Irreversible Soul Consumption” is vitriolic and pernicious, violently shaking your body with the blasting snare incursion as my influence/sounds like radar lit up Protector big style, from their “Heritage” and “A Shedding Of Skin” albums.

The guitar sound lies firmly in proto-death with a ferocious yet catchy assault being unleashed from every possible angle on this release. There are some touches of old Suffocation on “Veil Of Ignorance” with a machine gunning blast being prominent and utterly relentless. I would say that the leads need some focus on the next output but when you have uncompromising tunes like “Masks Of Sorrow” I will forgive them as this mini CD has set the bar very high for Dehuman Reign to surpass on their next release, and one I expect the band to overcome and stake their claim on the ever increasing saturation of the death metal market.

(7.5/10 Martin Harris)