weh-folkloren-Eric E returns with his neo/dark folk project Weh, but this time the world it deals with is perhaps not so perpetually dark. En Natt Kom Doed from last year was steeped in the facets of death, but this one as the title suggests spreads its concerns a little wider through Norwegian folk, though if you are looking for light little acoustic Korpiklaani ditties you are still way off target. This is still an often grim or melancholy place.

Gentle rain, cleanly plucked acoustic guitar, subtle keyboards and deep, almost breathed vocals reminiscent off Leonard Cohen in their gravitas at times, are the cloth cut by Weh to form their musical cloak. Songs such as Long Days of Winter deliver their caution in gentle but still somehow unsettling tones, and the more lyrically apocalyptic Every Tree And Branch Will Tremble still barely rises above a campfire whisper but offers a terrible vision. I Let The Night Cover Me is, with its delightful melody and piano a slow, introverted slice of the closest this album comes to joy outside of With Omens Of Sorrow (!)

It is delicate and deceptive music; complexity hiding within simple tunes by their layering and counterpoint. The vocals may take one line, two guitars taking two more and yet like leaves caught in a blustery breeze all moves together. Even on the brightest of days the slow placid pace of these songs will at least lay a wistful melancholy over your mood. Save for closing song Solnedgangen there is little overt drive either, more a thoughtful drift, floating notes and chords held down only by the weight of the vocals.

Beautiful, yes certainly. Nothing here either that wouldn’t be good for Ancient VVisdom fans either. But this is pure folk; no metal, no rock. Just the simple folk. It is also very much an album for a particular mood, not every day, but with that in mind it is a very commendable piece of music.

(7.5/10 Gizmo)