MumakilEvery review I see about this band seems to focus on the derivation of their name which I am not going to do. It is four years since these Swiss grinders released “Behold The Failure” an album I still thoroughly enjoy with its brutalising blasting ferocity and “Flies Will Starve” is no different in reality. Everything you like about Mumakil is here, steadfast in the determination to pulverise the listener to pounded sterile dust. The cover art is stark, with a post apocalyptic vision perfectly visualising the 24 sonic detonations you are about to inflict on your sorry ears. No song except one exceeds two minutes; each one is a depth charge of annihilating blasting mania that kicks off with “Death From Below” and arrives with no calming intro to wean you in, the speed is 200bpm+ of annihilating bedlam with the gravity rolls exceeding 300bpm it feels like to me. Anyone who knows their grindcore music will already be very familiar with this band but if you’re not then obvious references to Nasum are predictable but easy to give.

With two dozen tunes to go at in about 35 minutes identifying standouts is pointless really, grind isn’t really about that, though there are some cracking riffs here such as on “Designed To Fall” and “Fucktards Parade” a homage to any bastard who has crossed you in your life. I can see you naming them all mentally now. Vocally this swings violently from razor blade swallowing screams to gut munching gurgles. Some of the blasting has a machine gunning style of old Suffocation as on “Shit Reminders” as the double kick flattens on “Get Exorcised”. NO grind album is complete without a sense of manic schizoid frenzy about it and virtually all the songs exude this characteristic in endless quantities of enraged ferocity as “Piss Off “ perfectly demonstrates if you care to indulge. The battery unharnessed on “Waste By Definition” is unbelievable, the speed is unrelenting throughout with a mechanical dementedness on “Redline”. So you’ve got the picture now I guess, this is for those who revel in the likes of Kill The Client, Grog, Rotten Sound, Leng Tch’e, Insect Warfare, Squash Bowels, need I go on. Get your dose of grind right here.

(8/10 Martin Harris)