PariaVerminous German Orthodox, Satan Worshiping Surrealist Black Metal anyone? Well that is exactly what we have here from Essen based Paria who are a new band to me. Having been around since 1995 it took them seven years to get their first demo together and they followed that up with a few more then a compilation lovingly entitled ’11 Years Of Blood, Cum And Satan.’ After this they no doubt thought that it was high time to record a debut studio album which they released in 2008 and now they are on their third under the auspices of label WTC.

During their time of existence they have shed many band members and honed things down to a trio. Vocalist Anus Phallus has gone as has bassist Clit Stimulator! One wonders before pressing play just how seriously this lot take themselves?

After a bit of an overlong intro we are pitched into the title track with a hefty rasp welcoming us in. Can something be orthodox and surreal too?  Tricky question but the satanic fervour is never in much doubt. Attention is quickly focused on vocalist Panzerdaemon as he has a pronounced and rather theatrically flamboyant style pronouncing his parts with gravitas over the obtuse pummelling drums of Gonzo Goatpestilence and thorny guitars from Akeon. There is a bit of the old Mortuus spark about Mr Panzer and he gives the Mardukian assault the extra depth needed to stop it being one dimensional with austere croons, croaks, coughs and cackles. Still not convinced on the surreal side of things but perhaps they dropped some acid before entering the studio!

The Green Angels Of Obscurity may well be just what they saw if so and they batter away with drums beating like wings and scorch laden solo briefly flung out the maelstrom to spiral down to earth.

There is a stygian feel to this and it is very hellish and on the whole really fast paced stuff. It could be considered a bit on the workmanlike musically and some of the songs hang around until the last breath has been croaked, drawn out a bit excessively rather than going for a more streamlined attack. Still on the whole the album is entertaining and the brimstone belching vocal display does a good job keeping things varied. Songs like ‘(Behold) The Face Of The Timeless Usher’ uncoil in a sinister and ritualistic fashion and yes that question about seriousness is partly answered, one does get the opinion that the band do take themselves so, somewhat daft stage names aside. There’s some nice morbid sounding melody from the guitars on the slower parts of this one too.

Finishing off literally with ‘Oceans Of Spermwhite Solitude’ one has to wonder just what their fixation with man goo is? Some of the noises coming out the singer are rather alarming, just what could he be getting up to here? Musically it’s rather a messy finish too and one that is sloppy and slithers all over the place. Still an interesting album and although I would not consider it as defining or anything Paria certainly have not simply spunked it all away and there is a lot of substance in it for things to cum.

(6.5/10 Pete Woods)