ArrogantOk who has gone and sent me the world’s smallest pizza and what sort of topping does an Arrogant Destruktor contain?  Lift the lid and oh silly me, of course it’s actually a CD but damn it now at 9am I have a hankering for some cold pizza. Oh well forget all that and let’s put this in the stereo rather than the microwave and see what happens.

There is not a lot to say about this lot as they are just by the looks of it establishing themselves but Arrogant Destruktor are essentially a duo from Birmingham who have roped in Steve Powell from Anaal Nathakrh to drum on this their first demo. Apparently it was recorded in a shed too but luckily as play is pressed and the drumming rigorously pounds in on opening number ‘Gold Is The Flesh Of The Sun God,’ it is obvious it has the necessary clout about it. There is a heathen warrior, cleaving fury about things and you can almost imagine an ancient tribe getting ready to go to war here. There is a bit of a Bathory feel as well as a splash of Unleashed but all addressed in a very gung-ho British way. The melodic hooks of the number really come through along with the gruff vocals and there is a lot of atmosphere about this. There is even a faint flash of flute adding to it but it is unfortunately a little quiet in the mix to make a large impact. Although the song title suggests an Aztec link I cannot help being drawn back to the feel of Celt clans now well into their battle fury and causing mass decimation of any fools stupid enough to invade our Isles. ‘Majesty Of Space And Time’ continues in a fast and furious fashion and cracks skulls with large hammering drums and battle axe strung guitar causing mayhem. Just when the vocals are almost stumbling to keep up the song slows and gets into a meaty groove, one that is just as weighty and takes no prisoners. Last number ‘The Divine Embers’ proves that this lot  have several very promising numbers in their armoury, as it seethes in with bravado and a heroic galloping charge, which should easily get heads whiplashing when played live.

Battling hard and with plenty of blood lust, determination and memorable charge fuelled rhythmic thrusts about them this lot are well worth keeping an eye on. If you don’t they could well steam up at a later date and knock your head off with a full album!

(7/10 Pete Woods)