TotenAbiding candidly to the musical cultivation of their roots, inherent to Germany is the Symphonic Black Metal act “Totengeflüster” with their debut release “Vom Seelensterben”. What is very compelling and interesting about the album is their choice to perform in their native language (German), thus is a compelling treasure when one is exhibited to such affluent beauty within a band’s musicianship. It’s always wonderful to embark upon a musical journey with a band that remains true to their roots. This is a reputable and commendable feature to their musical stature.

The album is truly a beautiful masterpiece and the motive that confirms this affirmation is the atmospheric orchestral blended with the forces of a chilling yet powerful vocalist. The symphonic melodies combined with the gothic blackened vocals is something rather exquisite, it’s extremely difficult to find a reputable piece of recording that holds a not too dissimilar characteristic to the early existence of Scandinavian Black Metal. Totengeflüster have managed to achieve this capitally and in doing so they’ve managed to reinforce a divine bone chilling release. Every ounce of diverse musical structuralism flows in such a congenial manner. The packed punch after the orchestral symphonies are of course the inhuman backlash of increasingly rapid drumming and howling vocals.

Totleben is the member that has fuelled the creativity of Totengeflüster in 2007 when he initially began to write his first songs. He wanted to hybridise the sounds of cold misanthropic Black Metal with the rich elements of Classical Music in order to create an aggressive cinematic experience for his audiences. He ultimately came to the conclusion that he didn’t want the sound to be solely focused upon and that was when Narbengrund broke the ice. Both of these musicians had the synonymous intent, to procreate a systematic elegant piece of listenable art. Totleben who is undoubtedly an exceptional visual artist as well as a musician has reinforced an overall wonderful study of album art, merchandise and overall enticing visual experience for his devoted audiences. Totengeflüster are no doubt a sublime experience both visually and musically.

(8/10 Sirisha Chhibber)