Into Darkness cover artInto Darkness, the new Star Trek film, is due out 2013… for those who cannot wait there’s a Milanese take on all that, in the form of death-worshippers Into Darkness (formed in 2011, 2 BSTID (Before Star Trek Into Darkness). The name could, bien sûr, refer to number of metal sources, for example the solitary eponymous album of Big Apple doomsters Winter (1990). Or Discharge, Sathanas, Genocide songs… Speculations aside, a great name it ain’t. Somewhat similar to calling a James Bond movie fucking Skyfall (or your dumb Swedish melo-death band Skyfire, for that matter)… seriously? Could have come up with better ideas whilst high on cough medicine…

Completely uncalled-for rants aside, let’s talk Into Darkness. With a logo closely modelled on Incantation’s, their doom/death intentions are made crystal clear from the outset, offering a four-track EP of 25 minutes. At the helm – Giulia Warrior – known to the immediate European underground as the front-woman/bassist of the late Venom-admirers Sign Of Evil (who toured these lands with Brazil’s Sodomizer in 2011). She has now found new allies and moved on to sludgier domains.

Quite aptly (self-)dubbed as ‘death doom metal in the ancient 90’s way’ (* ‘90s), Into Darkness do indeed offer a fair share of elements from said era. Asphyx and Autopsy come to mind, jada jada jada, plus some puny attempts at mimicking Colombia’s mighty Inquisition. The filthy production couldn’t be better, really capturing the essence of the releases back in those early days. Ultimately, ‘worship’ is the word, though… to the extent that it evokes visions of athlete-worship: “Look, mom, I can do a 360° like Tony Hawk”, “Check it, I hit a flagstick with a football, I’m like David RJ fuckin’ Beckham”, “Word, my band sound exactly like ‘90s deathdoom, just like Asphyx”.

It’s the same old notes, with the order re-hashed somewhat. Nice ‘n’ predictable death doom, no uncomfy surprises that might hurt them scene-point. Look in vain for rekindled memories of playground-bully-flurry … you remain several Celsius on the ‘kvlt’-side. Don’t worry… it was all just a dream.  (As will be my journalist’s career, if I don’t fucking get to the point soon).

In the end of the day, Into Darkness achieve their goal most proficiently, delivering a damn solid and rather enjoyable EP with a bunch of good ideas and sparks of genuine authenticity. The vocals, whilst completely void of any personality, drive the music along nicely, and generally fine musicianship – especially on the guitar front, offering some excellent lead-play. Unfortunately, ‘fine’ goes a long way describing the material here… I wish I could rate it higher, especially as there’s far greater evils (the rubbish kind of evils) out there. Rather spin this than some modern take on Swedish DM any day! One thing’s clear, if they manage to break out of their own chains, the potential here is undeniable.

(6/10 Miika Virtanen)