DeceptorUK band Deceptor are it’s fair to say pretty old school heavy metal/thrash. No death metal here, just galloping rhythms and neck-break leads with occasional soaring vocals. And vocoder interludes. And songs about war, science fiction and so on. See? Pretty old school. Pretty good too.

After the kindly robot intro we clatter into the title track. Nice and melodic with a cracking bass drum sound, the first thing that really hits me though is the production unfortunately. It lacks the spark that this deserves; it lays a little lazily on the song, deadening what is actually a very, very catchy little number. It also makes the vocals a little weak. Shame but not ruinous I guess. Heatseeker, the follow up, is just about the perfect example of what Deceptor do well; great riffs about as catchy as Velcro, superbly executed time changes and wonderful drumming. A really great classic Sci-Fi/military themed song that bounces around your head like a puppy on amphetamines. Another interlude and then Sentient Shackles perks up. It does bring into focus an unfortunate intersection of lead vocals that need a bit of work (and I do mean only a bit; just the trail off on some of the mid range clean vocals, just a little practise on the held notes) and the not brilliant production but with the strength off the song and the melody and the guitar work who will really care? Excellent stuff, really. Just real attention to songwriting. They finish up the EP with a song about Frankenstein and his monster. And I hope Boris Karloff is proud off the guys; some fine lyrics, ones that fit the rhythm so well, and a lovely bass line in the fantastically tight riffing framework. Harmony vocals need a little work, again, but no biggie, not when they have crafted another sharp, distinctive and original song.

Enthusiasm. It goes a long easy especially when you have as much potential on show as this lot. Everything thrash should be; catchy, tight, fun as hell, riddled with hooks and enough time change sucker-punches too loosen a few teeth. I do really look forward to a full length with a little more in the vocals and a sharper production. Even so, this is worth a bit of your time and money already. Go get ’em.

(6.5/10 Gizmo)