CelestialIlluminating us with their first omnipotent release, ‘Primal Eruptions’ are Celestial Blades from Finland. The demo speaks through victoriously heavy death vocalisation teamed with fetching riffs and speed metal drumming. Expect sounds of war and battle fuelled death metal. Once submitted oneself passively as an audience the sounds ripen into a memorable hypnotic beat. The band are almost verging onto abundance yet are difficult to translate virally in terms of information which makes their presence seem almost illusory. Celestial Blades advocate themselves to an audience that are enraptured by acts such as, Necrophagist and Gormathon. Aesthetically speaking the main downfall to their demo is of course the recording standards, subsequently this has reduced the quality of their sound. This has ultimately taken a huge toll upon the opinions formed from listening to the tracks.

(6/10 Sirisha Chhiber)