jatao_coverEnchanted by magic once more, the Finnish rockers never miss a chance to surprise us. This EP is not so demonic as their self titled full-length CD, but it has a magical, ritualistic atmosphere straight from the 60’s. This is a return to the roots of music. And yes, Satan made them do it. The mysticism of the lyrics, the music which acts like a psychedelic spell in my brain are only a few sentences of this experience. I want you to share this experience with me, so get up from whatever chair you are reading this from and buy this disc. A groovy Deep Purple-ish work, with Dick Dale-ish guitar sound, these guys know how to use their experiences. The most amazing part in my opinion is the guitar sound. I love it.

Starting with the songs, we enter the ”Astral Sabbat” and as a result, we drown in Hell. And yes, we enjoyed it. It is a really beautiful song, probably the best of all three,which combines everything I said before. In other words, it is the most representative of the three.

”Long And Lonesome Road” has a lovely melody and a more hard rock attitude. But blues prevail that’s for sure. A well composed rock song. Something that will hail the fathers of this music and also a non light pop rock garbage band is considered as Rock band these days! I can’t believe this came out now. It’s not from this world.

And at last, ”More Than Living”. A relaxing hard rock ballad, which ends the whole experience nicely. Its a romantic, yet dark song, and the vocals are just amazing. A perfect release by a wonderful band. I am really happy they get better and better every time!

Wake up big record companies! You failed to produce music!

(8/10 Dionysios Mantis)