InfectedGross, hideous, diabolical and disgusting are all terms just to describe the art work that adorns this rather delectable and sweet onslaught of brutal death metal from Spain. Cynically I could take one of the countless reviews I’ve done for brutal death metal over the years and just substitute a few song titles here, change the adjectives there and voila another brutal death metal review such is the overriding similarity many of these albums have.

However after my little bit of cynicism I can assure you this is an original genuine unique review for Spain’s Infected Flesh’s third album which for the most part captures the spirit of someone like Exhumed or debut Aborted with an uncompromising assault on your ears. The song titles are gore metal like; long, descriptive and occasionally humorous if you’re a sick bastard. The bands machine gun blasting drum style is obviously like Suffocation which for me makes this release that much more devastatingly brutal. There is more than the occasional festering wink at Cannibal Corpse on the guitar runs as the relentless barrage on “Erase The Rictus” has some facets of Devourment. I chose that song title because it’s a short titled one to be honest. Everything about this album is passable as there are a myriad of guest vocalists from Disavowed (who are a good reference point here), Cliteater and Severe Torture whose drummer also performs on this album with monstrous heaviness.

Roger B, the sick mind behind Infected Flesh plays guitar, bass and does the vocals to a very high standard though the bass is so saturated into each tune as to make them incredibly dense and thunderously reverberating, as my speakers found out. There is a sledgehammer approach to this style of death metal that what it lacks in finesse more than makes up in outright ferocity and bombardment. Identifying standout songs here is totally pointless as each is its own battering affair with little if any variation from start to finish though in places the double kick and accompanying riffs are quite catchy, but I use that word loosely in this context. If all you require is endless double kick and machine blasting, with uncomplicated riffing then Infected Flesh are right up your grotty, decomposing and disembowelling alley.

(6.5/10 Martin Harris)