Deep Machine -witb_cover[1]This re-activated NWOBHM East End band’s music is full of all the trademarks you would expect in their genre and their recent live shows around the UK capital have generated a positive reaction with me in particular.  ‘Whispers in the Black’ is a 3 song EP that will be given the vinyl treatment via High Roller Records, it was previously available from the band in very limited numbers.

The intro to ‘Whispers in the Black’ (the only new track) sounds suspiciously similar in harmony, just for once second or so, to the intro of ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’ (do you recognise the geographical and musical similarities also?), albeit at a slower pace. The track itself bounds eventually into a younger fighting version of Maiden, but even nods towards latter material like the ‘Wicker Man’. The vocals have a classic bit of reverb and Deep Machine have in the first guitar solo captured something sounding very Iommi influenced (courtesy of long standing member Bob Hooker) whilst new guitarist Nick ‘Beastie’ East handles the second speedier solo, both styles merge effortlessly, this is a cool sound. ‘Iron Cross’ is an older track re-recorded as is ‘Killer’; both are updated with additional vocal harmonies, guitar parts and general tidying up. The essence of the Deep Machine sound is still prevalent, the sound is strong and actually sounds that little bit more polished, more epic, this is a nice touch.

Essentially if you are looking for NWOBHM music then those who don’t know the band should really check out this release and the band in general. Deep Machine are more than a cover’s band, that is not the impression was trying to make earlier with so many Maiden references, this is vintage muscular British metal that bleeds energy, melody and style…of course it would not be complete without that stellar British or East End touch of charm so very applicable in their live performances and well worthy of your hard earned cash.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)