DeadSFinnish thrash/death metallers Dead Samaritan (originally The Beauty of Dying) formed in 2001, releasing a 3 track demo ‘First Kill’ that same year . Gigs and lots of rehearsals followed. Then in 2002 a second demo ‘Dark Matter was released. In 2004 ‘Bleeding Ground’, another demo came out. Sadly though, shortly after this the band went their separate ways, that is until 2008. Many more gigs and key festival appearances followed this. Then finally in 2011 they recorded their first album ‘The Only Good Samaritan’.

A beautifully serene and original intro track ‘Prelude to Perdition’ which I get the feeling is the only slow track on the album. Going straight in with no pissing about is ‘The Monster to Create’. The vocals are typically Angela Gossow, nothing against that, I’d be proud to own a voice as good as hers. However, the demonic growls make the vocalist a little bit more in your face, think Dani Filth with boobs!

‘Laid to Waste’ contains some immense guitar riffs sounding almost battle metal, no biggie though, it works!. The drumming is also worth a mention, just because death metal drumming is magic to me, seriously how the hell??? …  I’m liking the Zakk Wylde pinched harmonics towards the end and the tempo speed just gets faster and faster…

Carrying on with the heavy wind-milling styled pace, ‘Royally Fucked’ offers something a little more thrash, yet maintaining a death metal feel throughout. The group vocals work well and the end scream of “Royally Fucked” ends the track abruptly.

Personally, my favourite track is ‘Thunderbolt’. Reminding me of a fucked up lovechild between Judas Priest ‘Painkiller’ and Death Angels ‘Thicker than Blood’.  Awesome sauce! ‘DB13’ is another cracking thrash track with old school elements added into it. The riffs are insane, even they’re not so original, played on full volume it managed to upset my neighbours. Always a plus!

Possibly the best intro track of the lot is on ‘ In the Shadows of the Mind’ and the riffs get even more bass heavy with that doom element and the lyrics are more screechy, entwining with clean vocals quite fittingly.

Moving on to the last track ’Welcome to the Death Zone’ which is going to be a sure live crowd pleaser due to the lyrics (of what I can understand) and the galloping style riffs and of course, again with the aggressive drumming? Perfect for a good head-bang session.  I was impressed with the ending on this track too, some odd radio noise and some talking about “doom being upon us”…..

Not a bad album at all, and considering it’s their debut album they should be pretty proud of themselves.

(7/10 Charlene Rance)