New releases from old bands are bad news. Really?

Some bands just do not accept that they have become ridiculous and have sold out, so instead they play what they are passionate about. See Autopsy’s new album, Asphyx’s ‘Deathhammer’, Immolation’s ‘Majesty and Decay’ and Incantation’s ‘Vanquish in Vengeance’ for examples of bands proving they have not by any means become ridiculous or sold out!

Undoubtedly, these masterminds of Old school USDM have made a great work here. This album is a holocaust. It is groovy, brutal and classic. It contains everything a decent Death Metal album must have.

Formed in 1989 by sole surviving member John McEntee, this American band led with efficiency, along with others like Deicide, Morbid Angel etc. the cream of the American Death Metal scene. Analyzing the songs, the album begins with ”Invoked Infinity”. A good, fast start for the listening session. The whole album is a masterpiece. A combination of slow heavy riffs along with insanely fast and brutal technique, especially in the songs ‘Ascent Into Eternal’ and ‘Transcend into Absolute Dissolution’ create an unpleasant atmosphere for those who aren’t used to it. During the whole listening session, my speakers were ready to tear the walls apart.

Then, we continue with ‘Haruspex’, ‘Vanquish In Vengeance’ and ‘Profound Loathing’, one of the best songs from this album, which still continues to follow the same path like the other songs, which are all a blend of vicious death metal, creepy graveyards in the middle of the night and utter brutality.  For those who like their guts spilled and their music necro as hell, just like Apollyon says, they’ll have to hurry and buy this excellent comeback .But the thing that will explode your mind, are the mid-tempo riffs, which remind of the good old days of this band. We are talking about an almost classic album. A blast from start to finish. Get ready to rot and die.

(8/10 Dionysios Mantis)