It is that man again, Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, Revolting, Demiurg, etc.) the most prolific death metal writer and performer of recent years. Countless projects and bands are of his creation and this time he is aided by lyricist Jill Girardi (Dead Beat Media). The style isn’t changing any time soon thankfully, there is still punishing barbaric and forceful death metal riffs, tunes and drum beats, but the change this time is in the lyrics. These are all about the paranormal and post-apocalyptic stories. There are a few grind influences, like that on ‘Frozen Apparition’ or ‘Dismal Corridors’ and if you want that crusty undead guitar tone and typical modern Swedish death metal influence, then take a listen to ‘Retribution of the Polong’ and ‘The Eight Fire Narakas’ (“Naraka” can be translated into English as “Hell” or even “Purgatory”). There is supposed to be eight hot and eight cold ones under the earth, dependant on your good deeds on this mortal coil depends on how long you spend in each, with the final hot Naraka being hot and “continuous hell”.

There is a guest solo or two from Lasse Pyykkö (Hooded Menace), but the bare bones of the music and vocals is Rogga. The PR material kindly included a separate lyric sheet for this release and once you thoroughly read and understand these twists and turns, you gain a greater appreciation for the songs. Previous to this, if I am brutally honest, it is to me simply another bloodbath of death metal masochism. There is only so far you can go with drum programming before you require a real drummer to add some inspiration to the tracks, whilst the drums are fitting and cool, it would be nice to hear an organic tone once in a while. Looking at the package on the whole, Adam Geyer’s artwork is gruesome and certainly not family friendly and best suits the style of music and if you are of the suggestive mind, then I wouldn’t read the lyrics thoroughly!

All in all, this is another heart racing crushing Rogga release with terrifying lyrical content with a sound I have come to love and expect from such an artist of recent times.

(7/10 Paul Maddison)