This is a concept album based around the Soviet/US space race in the 1950’s/60’s, Silencer are from Denver, Colorado in the United States and have been active since 1998. Whereas their early material is noted as being death/thrash, even power metal, this concept release is a world apart from those genres.

In reverse polarity to the many classic metal riffs that are delivered, there are some little bits and pieces that could find their way onto albums of artists as far reaching as  Kylesa (especially with the vocal tone attached to the bass driven guitar fuzz – ‘Star City Pt. I’ and ‘Great Bear’) and many nods are given towards Nevermore (especially the track ‘Light’). The general featured groove is reminiscent to the former, whilst the intense epic arrangements remind me of the latter. When you need further sonic inspiration, take a listen to the dreamy ‘Star City Pt. II’, from herein the band already will have you hooked, but then spare a thought to contemplate categorising this band. I’ve found so many different interpretations possible upon each different listening session, so to me this spells genius right? Rather than following mindless individuals into trend orientated musical desires, Silencer will keep you guessing, even with a few progressive teachings similar to Pathosray’s debut, there is certainly something of a refreshing change about this album. If you think of the stars and ‘The Great Bear’ constellation in the sky, each time you look skywards you can gain a different visual aspect dependant on where you are on the planet, now translate this to music, you may get it, you may not, but you will get something and ‘The Great Bear’ gives you a taste of variation throughout it running time.

This is certainly not what I was expecting, I don’t feel it gives the Queensryche or Rush persona that some of the PR material claims, it has a similar idea, but for its musical style, it bears hallmarks of many varied artists and this album is not in the same league as those classics, but ‘The Great Bear’ is a well-rounded piece of music all in all.

(7/10 Paul Maddison)