The Full Moon Dog festival is due to take place at the Cockpit in Leeds on October 13th 2012 and promises to showcase some of the UK’s brightest metal talent in memory of Jay Jay Winter of the mighty Asomvel. You can also star in your own piece of metal history as the whole event will be filmed for a DVD release called ‘Madder than a Full Moon Dog’. Further details are included in the weblinks below. The band line up is with the ethos of “bringing back the 80’s”, nine bands for an extremely reasonable ticket price means that this year’s festival will bring about the true spirit of heavy metal and as the festival continues to grow in size, it also ensures that the memory and the music of Jay-Jay Winter will continue to be remembered.

MERCENARY we are band from the 80’s from Harrogate,North Yorkshire who have specifically reformed and are playing live again in honour of their dear friend Jay Jay Winter and are not to be confused with the Danish melodic death metallers. They term themselves as playing “Yorkshire Metal” and influences are varied from Status Quo, Uriah Heep and right through to Motörhead. The current line-up features all (but one) member from 1985 with the addition of Rich Exhall on vocals. 

SCREAMING EAGLES are from Harrogate and they play loud rock n’ roll! There appears to be a theme here! Full Moon Dog launched a search for up and coming talent to feature at Full Moon Dog and this will inevitably appear on the coming DVD. If you engage yourself with high energy rock and roll then be sure to check these gents out. 

DARK FOREST hail from the Black Country in the West Midlands, the birthplace of heavy metal and have recently travelled into the metal cauldron that is Europe setting alight crowds at the well-respected Hammer of Doom Festival. With a number of EP’s and two albums down the line, these gents welcome Josh Winnard as their new lead vocalist at Full Moon Dog for Winnard’s second show with the band. If you want epic metal guitar riffs and songs sung about fantasy and Old English folklore then you need to ensure that you are stage front for these “True Sons of England”.

ELIMINATOR are from Lancaster and are really making a name for themselves across Europe. With an appearance at next year’s Keep It True festival planned, these gents know a thing or two about classic heavy metal. From my last encounter with these gents in London, you can expect spandex, aviators, leather and most importantly metal! 

SILETTO FARM are no strangers to the Full Moon Dog festival having appeared at the very first show last year, these local folks form Leeds are a self-proclaimed “obnoxious punk rock and metal band” which promises to be an exciting prospect. 

STUKA SQUADRON is a collective of un-dead vampire pilots who were recently let out of their crypt to record their forthcoming second album ‘New Sound of War’ due to be released on 19th November through Metalbox Recordings whilst their debut effort ‘Tales of the Ost’ was one of last year’s true metal highlights. In recent missions they have laid waste to crowds around Europe engaging in combat inGermany (Headbangers Open Air warm up show) and theCzechRepublic. Stuka Squadron deliver the metal goods live so expect an amazing show that has been proven time and time again via extensive tours of duty over recent months. 

ASOMVEL should require no introduction. Jay Jay Winter’s band, the bastard sons of British high energy rock and roll! These gents promise to be loud; you will be entertained and you will be slightly deaf by the end of it all too if past shows are anything to go by! 

ORANGE GOBLIN are a British institution, they have been at the forefront of the UK scene for many years, in fact I still remember my first experience with them in ‘97 supporting Terra Firma and Cathedral, it was one of those moments when you have found your new favourite band. Now on their seventh studio album, 2012’s ‘A Eulogy for the Damned’ is a perfect soundtrack for the day’s newly promoted headliner, so ensure your pint is full and your energy at tip-top level for a live performance that is sure to be full of fun and unmistakable British character via their formidable frontman Ben Ward. 

Stage Times are as follows: –

1:00 – 1:30 MERCENARY


2:40 – 3:10 DARKFOREST

3:30 – 4:00 BAND (TBC)**

4:20 – 4:50 ELIMINATOR

5:10 – 5:50 STILETTO FARM

6:10 – 6:50 STUKA SQUADRON

7:10 – 8:00 ASOMVEL

8:30 – 9:50 ORANGE GOBLIN

Tickets are available for a mere £15 in advance (£20 on the door) from

DVD details are available at the following location


Paul Maddison