This little four tracker turned up from Lyon in France along with an extra disc containing biog and photos. I always find it odd when a band do this, it seems expensive when a piece of paper will do the job but there you go. The file here tells me that they play Death Thrash Stoner Fuckin’ Hard Core Grind Metal so that is all bases pretty much covered (what no black) and they went trough the normal boring band related member shuffles etc to get where they are today. One thing that I did note was that apart from France and Switzerland they played two gigs in Cuba of all places! This disc was done in 2011 and apparently they have given 1000 of the bastards away but one has only just landed in my lap. They are all working on a proper album.

As for that name what could it mean? Fromage oignons avec derrière?

We hit the groove straight off on Morituri Te Salutant and the singer Lionel’s gruff delivery kind of makes me think there is a bit of humour behind things here as well as reminding me a lot of the vocals for Debauchery. This is not particularly fast though but is thickset, chugging and heavy on the melody. Dispatching with the French we go to Deadman’s Walk which has a thrash laden start before settling into a muscular beat with a bit of a Pro-Pain etched groove in it, some backing vocals are bad and weedy and need to be left out in all honesty though. Still they are doing most of what they said they were going to in the description the band provided. ‘Room 8’ has a snappy feel to it and is certainly bruising, it is obvious that the band have done what they can with the means available to them as far as recording and production is concerned, you probably would appreciate them better live though to be honest. Last track ‘We Are The Dead Alive’ has a primitive feel about it and mixes both metal and hardcore sensibilities together well. A flamboyant guitar solo adds to things nicely and it is clear this lot have good intentions and although their sound is quite stuck in the past, the will to succeed. The mark is given as the demo like quality here is evident unfortunately but there is plenty to build upon so the album will be the all important release.

(5/10 Pete Woods)