I really enjoyed this bands second album ‘The Ark of Gemini’, but this latest effort, their third, takes India’s Kryptos to a completely different level. By this I mean that the bar has been raised significantly since switching to AFM records. In tune musically with label mates Crystal Viper and vocals reminding me of Goathorn and Cauldron, I am completely in awe of some of these magical traditional metal tunes.

Songs like ‘Serpent Mage’ has everything, a real powerhouse delivery, metal riffs and a slower paced tempo during the solo (which proves both guitarists are bloody talented) that eventually builds to the galloping NWOBHM guitars made famous by London’s favourite sons Iron Maiden in their early days. The lyrics themselves, as the album title would suggest, are buried in mythology, this makes some interesting digestive material. ‘Spellcraft’ really does sound like the aforementioned Canadians, with a double time drum beat, the raspy powerhouse vocals ease you into a massive headbanging rhythmic addition, “into the burning gates of hell” indeed. I do commend this band for touching on subjects of mysticism that expand your imagination rather than taking a usual tongue-in-cheek brotherhood or copycat approach associated with some bands in this genre and I am sure many Running Wild fans, certainly beyond their first four or five classic album period, will appreciate Kryptos’ sound. ‘Nexus Legion’ begins with a perfect piece of music, one that will go down well at a gig or festival, very uplifting, clapping and chanting is mandatory, and once the galloping guitars hit your ears, you will be transfixed. On the same track when the cool riff and then the raspy vocals begin, some would say it sounds like some power metal, that may be, but the synopsis is certainly that of traditional metal heritage and these gents really know how to put a song together, that’s something that cannot really be taught, this sounds very natural.

Complex, melodic, metallic and true to one’s self, are all positive attributes that are delivered by Kryptos enhanced with a near perfect mix and recorded sound, this is the album that should catapult Kryptos out of their Bangalore roots. This is a pure metal attack that is forceful enough to raise a middle finger to detractors and haters, but strong enough to be embraced by true fans of this music. On their third album, Kryptos really do have the world in their pocket, this album should solidify the bands popularity and I finish by thanking them for such an amazing metal journey that is ‘The Coils of Apollyon’.

(8.5/10 Paul Maddison)