Thrash metal. This style can mostly be split into Good thrash metal and bad thrash metal…with a few variations in between. I mean, when you get an album like this in the post you know not to expect anything groundbreaking, inventive or that you haven’t heard a hundred times before. At its best, it is derivative, but fun, aggressive and energetic. At its worst, it is derivative and…just plain shit. Despite a naff cover that looks like something a ten year old who just discovered Photoshop might conjure up, this Netherlands quintet thankfully fall in to the former category, rather than the latter. Killer riffs and charging drum assaults are the main dish of the day here along with fluid guitar solos to get the hair flying…for those that still have any.

Charge straight into the ‘Wall Of Death’ fuelled by adrenaline and ready to rip and tear around the pit. This track does bear a strong resemblance to Evile’s ‘Thrasher’ to these ears in places. But as previously stated, thrash isn’t about innovation is it. Yes, as expected there’s the usual attempt to get as many references thrown in to show how metal they are with titles like ‘Thrashopolis’ which rages forth with a slinky thrashing riff that kind of chases away with a spring in its step.

‘Embrace Death’ opens up with a high pitched thrash yowl “Waaaaaaahhhh” before kicking in with a mid paced chug. There is plenty of aggression fuelling the vocals, and quite a bit of energy. This is all fast and frenetic, with relentless speed and it is all played out very competently. Musically this is tight and packs a good solid punch, doing everything that is required from an album of this style. Okay, so at times it does start to feel a little one dimensional and the sound is a little flat in places, but all in all it’s a good solid debut.

(7/10 Luci Herbert)