Mortal Infinity are German thrash but these are no Kreator or Destruction clones, these gents follow the hallowed path of the great Bay Area scene. Right from the start, there is a massive beefed up production and a vocal delivery that reminds me of both Testament and Exodus combined. So with such strong influences clearly definable, it’s left to me to say that the music matches such high accolades. ‘Thrill to Kill’ does exactly what it should…it kills your speakers. Whilst you won’t find too much individuality, Mortal Infinity really do know their history and they execute it very well.

Further into the album each track flows without any real effort required by the listener, it’s very easy to rejoice in this music and let out all those hate filled feelings to really set you up for a good old knees up. ‘Condemned Rising’ and closer ‘Sound of Brutality’ set the tone, or in fact continue the tone of heaviness that is consistent throughout the album. Riffs are not that important here, it is tried and tested, granted, I have said this before, but the arrangements and delivery revitalises a good nod to those two Bay Area bands I have previously mentioned. When it comes to the crunch, and there is a lot of “crunch” on this album, this was recorded by Jörg Uken (famed for work with the likes of Suicidal Angels and God Dethroned), thus experience has paid dividends here on ‘District Destruction’. Musically, Mortal Infinity ride the wave of heavy Bay Area thrash and use their influences to produce to really cool debut album, if you need another thrash band to follow and get off to, then you need to check these guys out.

(7/10 Paul Maddison)