Deathcore from Lincoln in the UK, sees the Siege Of Amida roster expanding with ever more brutal metal outfits as Martyr Defiled follow their debut “Collusion” with this seven track EP of new tunes, ready for another tour of the UK in September which is being offered at only £2 a show with the opening Leeds show being the launch party for the EP and a video shoot, so I guess you could get yourself on camera if you get yourself down there. On a serious note a band offering to do shows for a measly £2 entry fee should give anyone an incentive to check them out.

I enjoyed “Collusion” when it came out, a decent slab of brutal deathcore that matched its competitors for the most part and even excelled especially with the relentless touring on the back of it. So with fresh material what if anything has changed, well the production has certainly been beefed up, though the technical guitar runs are still dominant as is the varied vocals. I’d say the guitar tone has taken on a more savage gritty feel, making the EP sound more forceful and the drum sound has become even more focussed. Opening with “Black Mesa” the bands highly triggered mechanized blasting is firmly intact, which isn’t to say I don’t like it, far from it, and even though sounds like this can often be bereft of passion, this does what it is supposed to with face ripping break downs segueing riff volleys and half blasts. The incorporation of death metal groove is always around too.

“R/Evolution” has a brutal start before a head first smash into a slam riff and break down, before springing back into death metal blast and double kick. This works well, the bouncy riff changes feel like a deathcore gig, the energy and pogo riff break make you visualise you at or watching a bunch of skinny teenage fellas wind milling and two stepping as though their very lives depend on it. “Vultures” offers a proper death metal tune with huge careering drum work being backed up by some cracking riff changes that actually sound like Machine Head’s debut I kid you not. Just listen right before the monstrous double bass injection. Again we get more death metal styling on “Nemesis” with chubby meaty riffs being accompanied by a stop-start rhythm section for that extra bounce factor. The tune has a switching style, from all out aural butchery to bowel bludgeoning thunder; the tune is a fucking monster.

Vocally this is what you expect from deathcore, with macho gang chanting interrupting alternating acid gurgling screams and throat stomping bellows. “Goldstein” has a different edge to it on the guitar sound and starts what I think maybe two bonus tracks on the EP with a much denser sound and carpet bombing bass sound. Overall this is a solid release and a future thinking step for post festival gig season; namely offer something new, give it to them cheap and kick start the Autumn gig season with a deathcore beating. Very nice indeed Martyr Defiled. 

(7.5/10 Martin Harris)