These Oxfordshire natives are playing some fuzzed out, trip-tastic doom, like a cross between UK contemporaries Slabdragger and Trippy Wicked engaging in bong related incidents whilst making noises. These noises are over 30 minutes and there are only four tracks on offer! What strikes me immediately is the massive bass heavy sound, it is so fuzzed out, it actually overbears the marginal guitar tone audible, that is my only single grip with this. Other than that, if you thought of Natas’ debut ‘Delmar’ or The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight was chilled out; you need have a gander at this.

Caravan of Whores begin with ‘Drug Queen’, eight plus minutes of sonic audible psychedelia inspired by the sounds and smells of the infamous Foal Studios inWales. This studio is actually the perfect place to have such an EP recorded, the sound is good, but as I said earlier, I want a bit more distortion, but that just me, basically, these gents are tripped out stoners who love what they do, this is clear. Vocally, there is a “far distance” sound; this brings out more atmospheres without the need for using effects like megaphones etc. By the way, yes, I am still on the first track! But once its stoner driving nature is all quashed, there are some finger licking riffs to keep you entertained, there’s a fair bit of Sabbath too, this is of course expected in this genre, approval gained! But let’s not forget the mini drum solo, nice one.

Lyrically the band don’t deal with deserts and flash fast American cars, born out of personal experiences, they bring what came from the US in the sound and give it a fully British salute. Listen to ‘Mr Bendyman’, it may be a quirky title, it may be a lot of things but the basic premise is of joy. Now we are talking, ‘Your God Is Dead’ has a bit of bite, not only in its title, but the whole sound is a bit more invigorated, now the guitars have more bite, they are more in control. Investing in some Sleep, early slower Orange Goblin, the EP really takes a different approach. At over 9 minutes, this is for me the standout tune. Random drum fills accompany many flourishes of doom and stoner hybrid art that mix and trip the light fantastic. I suppose that is what you can summarise Caravan of Whores as being. A mixed bag of genuine musicians with an art in incorporating some stoner feeling, doom riffs and psychedelic hysteria into the modern world brought about by realism in the lyrics.

Therefore, if you fancy a space trip, a doom dance or simply a chillax period, Caravan of Whores will provide all the entertainment you will ever need.

(7/10 Paul Maddison)